Collaborative Projects

In order to pursue the objectives about Human and Social Capital Development in the developed societies of the globalised world – of the 21st cent. -, Mind2Innovate is participating to European Projects to deliver concrete results in terms of the “Inclusive Growth” mandate, fostering more specifically on the enhancement of the quality of learning processes and the building of “learning ecosystems” to eventually facilitate¬†both human and social capital development. Such projects are those following.


  • The “COMANITY” Project, under the ERASMUS+ Programme (KA3) of the European Commission.


  • The “KEYSTONE” Project,¬†under the ERASMUS+ Programme (KA2) of the European Commission, with the UK Agency.


  • The “MIRVA” project, under the ERASMUS+/KA2 Programme, investigating innovative solutions in the area of new forms of recognition of qualifications and other qualities of the human capital.