Reports to support Evidence-based Policy Making

Recent reports, being developed by the Mind2Innovate affiliated experts include the following.

Study on the Reform of the Greek VET system, a high-profile exercise to relate and validate VET policy making in the context of the macro-economic planning of the Greek government, as the latter has agreed upon with the European institutions, under the 3rd Framework Programme for Public Finances Sustainability and other Policy Reforms.🇬🇧

Action Plan: Upgrade & Expansion of the Greek VET system and Apprenticeships, documentation and plan of an integrated Programme of Actions, in order to support the fast-track (5-year period) upgrade and expansion of the Greek IVET system, by endorsing a holistic approach bridging with the CVET subsystem, in the lifelong learning continuum paradigm and with the large-scale deployment of work-based learning schemes – apprenticeships and traineeships.🇬🇷